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Bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1 và 2 (có đáp án)

Bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1 và 2 (có đáp án)

Câu điều kiện là một trong những điểm ngữ pháp quan trọng không chỉ được học ở Trung học mà còn trong tiếng Anh nói chung. Trong bài viết này, chúng tôi sẽ mang đến Bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1 và 2 (có đáp án) để các bạn học sinh luyện tập thường xuyên nhé. Bắt đầu ngay nào!

Tổng hợp bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1 2 có đáp án

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct word forms in the brackets

1. If they ________ (listen) carefully, they might hear the woodpecker.

2. If the cat hides in the tree, the dog ________ (not/find) it.

3. If I had a typewriter, I _____ (type) it myself.

4. You could make better progress if you _____ (attend) class regularly.

5. If I had time, I ________ (go) shopping with you.

6. If he washed his feet more often, his girlfriend ________ (visit) him more often.

7. The soil ________ (not/dry out) if you water the plants regularly.

8. If you ________ (give) the young boy this stick, he’d hurt himself.

9. If I see him, I _____ (give) him a gift.

10. If I _____ (know) his telephone number, I’d give it to you.

Exercise 2: Rewrite each of the sentences in another way using conditionals so that it means almost the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. He isn’t a good runner because he doesn’t train every day.

→ If _______________________________________________

2. Go to Corfu on your holiday. I’m sure you will like it.

→ If _______________________________________________

3. Keep silent or you’ll wake the baby up.

→ If _______________________________________________

4. Stop talking or you won’t understand the lesson.

→ If _______________________________________________

5. I don’t know her number, so I don’t ring her up.

→If _______________________________________________

6. You are so nervous because you drink too much coffee.

→ If _______________________________________________

7. As I haven’t got money, I can’t buy a new car.

→ If _______________________________________________

8. I don’t know the answer, so I can’t tell you.

→ If _______________________________________________

9. Peter is fat because he eats so many chips.

→ If _______________________________________________

10. Will you see her tomorrow night? Say hello to her.

→ If _______________________________________________

Exercise 3: Choose the correct answer

1. If I _____, I would express my feelings.

A. were asked     B. would ask     C. had been asked     D. asked

2. Will you be angry if I _____ your pocket dictionary?

A. stole     B. have stolen     C. were to steal     D. steal

3. If the wall weren’t so high, he _____ it up to take his ball down.

A. climbed     B. could climb     C. is climbing     D. climb

6. I am very thin. I think, if I _____ skipping meals, I might get fat.

A. stop     B. had stopped     C. will stop     D. stopped

7. I think he is not at home. If he _____ in, he ______ the phone.

A. was/ answered     B. was/ would answer

C. were/ would have answered     D. had been/ would have answered

8. If I ______ in London now, I could visit British Museum.

A. were     B. had been     C. have been     D. would be

4. If he ______ the truth, the police wouldn’t arrest him.

A. tells     B. told     C. had told     D. would tell

5. If you press that button what _____?

A. would happen     B. would have happened     C. will happen     D. happen

9. If it rains, you ______ wet.

A. will get     B. would get     C. get     D. had got

10. She would go to the Job Centre if she ______ a job.

A. had wanted     B. will want     C. wanted     D. wants

Đáp án:

Exercise 1: 

1. listened

2. will not find

3. would type

4. attended

5. would go

6. would visit

7. will not dry out

8. gave

9. will give

10. knew

Exercise 2:

1. → If he trained every day, he would be a good runner.

2. → If you go to Corfu on your holiday, I’m sure you will like it.

3. → If you don’t keep silent, you will wake the baby up. / If you keep silent, you will not wake the baby up.

4. → If you stop talking, you will understand the lesson. / If you don’t stop talking, you will understand the lesson.

5. →If I knew her number, I would ring her up.

6. → If you didn’t drink too much coffee, you would not be so nervous.

7. → If I had money, I could buy a new car.

8. → If I knew the answer, I would tell you.

9. → If Peter did not eat so many chips, Peter would not be fat.

10. → If you see her tomorrow night, say hello to her.

Exercise 3: 

1. A. were asked

2. D. steal

3. B. could climb

6.  D. stopped

7. B. was/ would answer

8. A. were

4. B. told

5. A. would happen

9. A. will get

10. C. wanted

Thông qua các bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1 2 phía trên, hy vọng rằng các bạn học sinh có thể áp dụng thường xuyên vào việc giải bài tập để nắm vững lý thuyết và cách sử dụng của câu điều kiện loại 1 2.