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[Mới nhất]Tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

[Mới nhất]Tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

Phrasal verb (cụm động từ) là một trong những điểm ngữ pháp quan trọng của tiếng Anh. Việc sử dụng thành thạo phrasal verb giúp câu nói, câu văn mượt mà và tự nhiên hơn. Hiểu được điều đó, JES đã tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng nhất trong tiếng Anh để tiện hơn cho các bạn trong việc học tập.

1. Phrasal verb là gì?

Phrasal verb tiếng Việt có nghĩa là cụm động từ. Trong tiếng Anh, phrasal verb là sự kết hợp giữa một động từ và một hoặc hai tiểu từ (particles). Các tiểu từ này có thể là giới từ (preposition) hay trạng từ (adverb). Khi thêm các tiểu từ này vào sau của một động từ nghĩa của phrasal verb sẽ thay đổi hoàn toàn so với động từ gốc tạo nên nó.
Ví dụ: pick nghĩa là chọn, khi thêm giới từ up vào sau pick thì phrasal verb pick up tùy vào hoàn cảnh sẽ mang nghĩa khác nhau:

  • The weather is picking up lately, isn’t it? (pick up chỉ sự cải thiện, trở nên tốt hơn của thời tiết)
  • Can you pick up Jenny after football practice? (pick up mang nghĩa là đi đón ai đó)
  • James picked up Spanish really quickly. (pick up mang nghĩa tiếp thu kiến thức)

2. Tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng nhất

Phrasal verb Ý nghĩa Phrasal verb Ý nghĩa
act up behave or function improperly hear from receive news from (a letter, an e-mail)
add up calculate a sum hear of know about something or somebody
add up to equal an amount hit on find on accident
add up make sense hit on flirt with
ask out invite on a date hold back restrain
ask over invite to one’s home hold back not allow to advance in school
back up move backwards, reverse hold off restrain
bawl out criticize, reprimand (inf.) hold off delay
bear down on bite hold on grasp tightly
bear down on take strong measures against hold on tell someone to wait on the telephone
bear on have to do with hold on to grasp tightly
bear up withstand hold out not give in, continue to resist
bear up under withstand hold out against not give in, resist
bear with be patient hold up delay (a flight, traffic);
blow in visit unexpectedly (inf.) hold up rob (a bank, a person) with a weapon
blow over pass without creating a problem hook up make the electrical connections required for a machine or information service
blow up make explode;destroy using explosives jack up to raise
blow up explode joke around to be humorous
blow up suddenly become very angry jump in enter a conversation
break down analyze in detail jump to make a quick, poorly thought out decision
break down stop working properly keep around have handy, have accessible
break down become mentally ill keep at not give up (an activity), to persevere
break in wear or use something new until it is comfortable keep away prevent access to, hold back
break in interrupt keep back maintain a safe distance, cause to maintain a safe distance
break in enter a place unlawfully keep down not vomit, not throw up, keep in one’s stomach
break in on interrupt (a conversation) keep in keep in a particular place, have something in a specific location
break into enter a house unlawfully keep off prevent from stepping or climbing on to something
break into interrupt (a conversation) keep on continue
break off end something keep out prevent from entering
break out appear violently keep over cover something with, put something above
break out use something extravagant for celebration keep to continue, persist in (an activity)
break out of escape keep up stay on the required schedule
break up break into pieces keep up continue
break up disperse (a crowd), stop (a fight) keep up with stay on schedule with (a person, the workload, homework)
break up end a relationship kick back sit or lie back (to relax)
bring about cause to happen kick in begin taking effect
bring along bring with lay away save for the future
bring * around change someone’s mind, convince someone lay down establish (laws, rules)
bring away learn or gain (from an experience) lay in on scold or criticize severely
bring off succeed at something difficult or unexpected lay into + scold or criticize severely
bring on cause something lay off suspend someone from a job (during a slow period)
bring out highlight, stress lay out arrange
bring over bring to someone’s house leave out not include, omit
bring to revive consciousness let down disappoint
bring up mention let down lengthen (pants in sewing)
bring up raise ( a child) let out release
brush of ignore something or someone (inf.) let out make bigger (in sewing)
burn down destroy by setting fire to let up weaken in intensity
burn down burn until completely gone (building) lie down rest, recline
burn up be hot lie down on rest, recline ( on a couch, bed)
burn up consume by fire lie with be decided by
burn up destroy by fire light up illuminate
buy out buy the shares of a company or the shares the other person owns of a business light up to smoke
buy up purchase the entire supply of something live  down live in a way that a shameful or embarrassing event is forgotten
call for require (as in a recipe) live on survive from
call off cancel something live up to keep a standard
call off order to stop (an invasion, guard dogs) look after take care of (a child, a house, a pet)
call on visit look back on to remember nostalgically
call on + invite someone to speak in a meeting or a classroom look down on see as inferior
call up telephone look for to seek or search for
calm down make someone relax look forward to anticipate with pleasure
care for nurse someone or something look into investigate
care for like someone or something look on observe as a spectator
carry on continue (a conversation, a game) look out be careful, pay attention, heed a certain danger
carry on about continue in an annoying way look over examine, review
carry on with continue look up search for (in a dictionary)
carry out complete and/or accomplish something look up locate and visit
carry over continue on a subsequent day, page, etc. look up to respect, admire someone
catch on slowly start to understand (inf.) make out decipher
catch up make up for lost time make out write a check or other document
catch up with speed up to be at the same place as a person or thing in front of you make out succeed
catch up on become up-to-date make out progress
check back return to see if everything is OK make out kiss passionately
check by go to a place to see if everything is OK make out with kiss someone passionately
check for try to find make over do again
check-in enter a hospital, hotel etc. make up invent ( a story)
check into enter a hospital, hotel etc. make up complete what was missed
check into investigate, look for (often through a service) make up put on cosmetics
check off make a mark next to (an item on a list) make up reconcile
check on make sure something is OK make up for compensate for
check out investigate, take a look at mix up confuse
check out leave a hotel, hospital mix up blend
check out of leave a hotel, hospital mix up make lively (a party)
check over closely examine the condition of something name after name a child using another family member’s name
check up on investigate someone or something nod off fall asleep
check through send luggage through (to a destination) nose around sneak around
check with ask a person for confirmation occur to pop into one’s mind, come to one’s mind
cheer up make someone feel cheerful open up share feelings
cheer up become cheerful out to verb try to
chew up chew into small pieces pan out be successful, turn out well
chop down fell/cut ( a tree) pass away die
chop up chop/cut into small bits pass off try to convince someone that something is real
clean up tidy pass on transmit
clear out leave ( inf.) pass on not accept (an invitation to eat or do something)
clear up tidy pass on die
close down close a place permanently pass out distribute
close down close permanently pass out become unconscious
close in on approach and threaten pass up not take advantage (of an opportunity)
close up close temporarily pay back repay
close up close temporarily pay off complete payment on a debt
come about occur/happen pay off to bribe
come across discover by accident pick on to tease, bully
come across initially seem or have the appearance pick out choose
come along accompany someone pick up to lift an object with the hands
come along with accompany pick up come and get someone in a car
come along progress pick up learn something without effort
come along with progress pick up try to initiate a relationship with someone (often in a bar)
come away leave a place with a particular feeling or impression pick up grow, increase (inf.)
come back return play down make less important (inf.)
come by get, receive play up highlight something (inf.)
come by visit a person at their house play up to flatter someone for your personal advantage
come down with become sick with point out indicate
come into inherit pull down earn
come off fall off, break off pull in park (a vehicle)
come out appear pull out depart (a vehicle)
come out reveal you are homosexual pull through barely survive
come out turn out, end up put across communicate (an idea or suggestion) clearly so that it is understood
come out with produce and distribute a product put away return to the proper place of storage
come over visit someone at their house put down insult, say bad things about
come to regain consciousness put in officially submit a request (in the armed forces or public services)
come through do what is needed or expected put off postpone
come up to approach; to equal put on wear
come up with produce or create (an idea, a plan) put on deceive
come with include (an accessory) put out extinguish (a fire)
count in include put out inconvenience someone
count on depend/rely on put out spend (usually used with unreasonably large sums of money)
count * out + exclude put up have a guest stay in your house for a short time
count up add put up with tolerate
crack down on become tougher on, better enforce laws on quiet down be quiet, or cause to be quiet
crack up laugh uncontrollably, laugh a lot read up on research a topic for a reason
crack up at laugh uncontrollably about, laugh a lot about ring up telephone
cross out draw a line through something, eliminate rule out eliminate
cut down decrease the amount of run across find or meet unexpectedly
cut down on decrease the amount of run against compete in an election
cut in interrupt run away leave home permanently before you are a legal adult
cut in on interrupt run away from escape from
cut off interrupt someone while they were speaking run down Trace
cut off sever ( with a knife) run down criticize
cut out remove run down hit with a car
cut out stop an action run down loose power, be very tired
cut up cut into small pieces run for campaign for a government position
die away diminish in intensity run into meet unexpectedly
die down diminish in intensity run off make leave
die off/out become extinct run off reproduce (photocopies)
disagree with cause to feel sick due to food or drink run off leave quickly
do away with abolish run off Waste water
run out of not have any more of something
do over repeat save up accumulate (money)
do without manage without something one wants or needs see about Arrange or consider something
draw up create ( a contract) see off say good-bye to someone at the beginning of their trip (at the airport, train station)
dress down reprimand severely see to make sure something happens, arrange
dress down dress casually see through finish something despite difficulties
dress up decorate sell out tell on someone
dress up wear elegant clothes set up Arrange a relationship
drive back repulse set up falsely incriminate a person
drop in visit someone unexpectedly set up arrange (an appointment, a meeting,etc.)
drop in on visit someone unexpectedly settle on make a decision after a period of time
drop out quit an organized activity settle up pay one’s debts
drop out of quit an organized activity (school) show off show to everybody with a lot of pride
drop over visit someone casually show off boast, draw attention to oneself
eat away gradually destroy, erode show up make someone seem inferior
eat up devour show up arrive without previous notice
eat in eat inside the home shut off stop from functioning
eat out eat outside the home shut up make quiet
face up to + acknowledge something difficult or embarrassing slow down make move more slowly
fall back on be able to use in case of emergency slow up make move more slowly
fall behind go slower than scheduled, lag spell out to explain something in a detailed way so that the meaning is clearly understood
fall behind in go slower than scheduled, lag stand by wait
fall off decrease stand for represent
fall out with have an argument with stand for Tolerate
fall through fail to happen stand out be very noticeable
feel up grope stand up not arrive to a date or an appointment (inf.)
feel up to have the energy to do something stand up for defend (something one believes in)
figure on expect stand up to defend oneself against someone or something
figure out solve something, understand stay over spend the night at a person’s house
figure up calculate stick it to Severely criticize a person (inf.)
fill in + complete stick to persevere, keep trying
fill in substitute stick up for defend oneself or opinions
fill in for substitute for take after resemble a parent or relative
fill out complete (an application) take away remove, seize or capture
fill out mature, get breasts take back retract something you said
fill up fill to the top take back return an item to a store
find out discover take down write down what is said
find out discover take down remove (from a high place)
fix up repair, renovate, remodel take for consider, view as
get across cause to be understood take in learning
get ahead make progress take in deceive a person
get ahead of + surpass take in Make smaller when sewing
get along have a good relationship take off when a plane or rocket leaves the ground
get along with have a good relationship take off remove
take off leave work or school for a period of time
get around avoid someone or something take off Leave
get around go many places take on accept (responsibilities, work)
get away escape take over take control of
get away with do something against the rules or illegal and not get caught or punished take over take control of
get by survive without having the things you need or want take out accompany a person on a date (for dinner, the movies)
get by on survive with minimal resources take up Begin a new hobby
get by with manage with take up discuss (at a later date)
get down to get serious about a topic take up shorten a garment when sewing
get in enter ( a car, a small boat) take up occupy space
get in enter talk back respond in an impolite way to an
get off send (a package) talk back to respond in an impolite way to an adult
get off remove ( a spider from your shirt) talk over discuss
get off leave (a bus, plane, train, boat) tear down destroy
get off leave tear up tear or rip into small pieces
get off idiomatic phrase – How does he justify saying that?! tell off criticize a person severely, reprimand (inf.)
get on put on (clothes) tell on report a crime to the police or bad behavior to a parent
get on enter (a bus, train), mount (a horse, a bike) think over consider
get on enter (a bus, train), mount ( a horse, a bike) think through consider carefully
get on have a good relationship think up create or invent a false story
get on with have a good relationship throw away discard
get on with continue an activity throw out discard
get out of exit (a small boat, car, an enclosed area) throw out remove by force from (a room, school, a house, etc.)
get over recover (a cold, a disease, an ex- throw up Vomit
boyfriend/ex-girlfriend) tie up tie securely
get through complete tire out cause someone to be very tired
get through penetrate touch on talk about for a short time
get through penetrate touch up Make the final improvements
get through (with) finish try on put on to make sure a piece of clothing fits
get through to make contact try out Test
get up cause someone to rise (from a sitting position or a lying position) turn away refuse to deal with or give service
get up rise (from sitting position or a bed) turn around change or reverse direction
give away give something without asking for anything in exchange turn down refuse an offer; reject an application
give away betray (a secret) turn down lower the volume or intensity of a TV, radio, or other machine
give back return something you borrowed turn in submit
give in stop trying turn in go to bed (inf.)
give off + release (a smell, light) turn into become something different, transform
give out distribute turn off stop the function of (a stove, a water faucet, a car, etc.)
give out become very tired (inf.) turn on attack unexpectedly
give up surrender something turn on cause to be excited sexually
give up surrender turn on start the function of a TV, a radio, a machine
go away leave turn out produce
go back return turn out switch off a light
go by go past, go close to, visit quickly turn out audience members to a function
go back on not keep (one’s word, a promise) turn out end up being
go down decrease turn over give to authorities (said of evidence or stolen / lost property)
go for try to achieve turn up increase the volume or intensity of a TV, radio, or other machine
go for idiomatic phrase – I am craving pepperoni pizza. turn up find unexpectedly
go in for participate ( inf.) use up use all of something
go into discuss in detail veer away from stay away from, avoid
go off explode wait on serve, service (a table)
go off begin, start (used with signals, alarms, warning sounds) wait up not sleep because you are waiting for something or someone
go off stop (said of a machine) wait up for not sleep because you are waiting for someone or something
go off become angry wake up Awaken someone
go on continue wake up Awaken
go on happen wash up clean oneself
go on with continue ( a plan, a conversation) wash up Clean
go out stop burning ( a fire) watch out be careful
go out take part in social activities (usually at night) watch out for be careful of
go over review wear off disappear after a period of time
go over be well received, succeed wear out use until something is not useable anymore
go through examine in detail, study carefully wear out cause to be very tired
go through endure; experience challenges, difficulties or traumas wind up finish (inf.)
go through with continue or proceed despite difficulties or fears wind up tighten the spring of a watch or similar machine
go with match (clothing) wind up cause an animal or a child to behave wildly
go with accompany a person wipe out massacre or destroy
go with have a boyfriend/girlfriend wipe out cause to be very tired
go without abstain from something you want or need work out Solve
grow under go out of business work out exercise
grow up mature work out be successful
hand back return write down Record
hand down pronounce formally write out write down every word or letter
hand down give as an inheritance write up Prepare a report
hand in submit yak on to continue talking in an annoying way (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hand out distribute yak on about to continue talking in an annoying way about something (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hand over relinquish control of yammer on to talk in an annoying way or complain (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hang around stay in a place for fun ( inf.) yammer on about to talk in an annoying way about something or complain about (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hang around stay in a place for fun zero in on + discover, pinpoint
hang up suspend (clothes on a hanger) zip around move quickly from place to place
hang up put down the telephone receiver zone out stop paying attention
hang out stay in a place for fun (inf.) zonk out fall asleep
hang out stay in a place for fun zoom in Focus
have on wear zoom in on focus on something, pinpoint
have over invite guests to your home

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