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[Mới nhất]Tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

[Mới nhất]Tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

Phrasal verb (cụm động từ) là một trong những điểm ngữ pháp quan trọng của tiếng Anh. Việc sử dụng thành thạo phrasal verb giúp câu nói, câu văn mượt mà và tự nhiên hơn. Hiểu được điều đó, JES đã tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng nhất trong tiếng Anh để tiện hơn cho các bạn trong việc học tập.

1. Phrasal verb là gì?

Phrasal verb tiếng Việt có nghĩa là cụm động từ. Trong tiếng Anh, phrasal verb là sự kết hợp giữa một động từ và một hoặc hai tiểu từ (particles). Các tiểu từ này có thể là giới từ (preposition) hay trạng từ (adverb). Khi thêm các tiểu từ này vào sau của một động từ nghĩa của phrasal verb sẽ thay đổi hoàn toàn so với động từ gốc tạo nên nó.
Ví dụ: pick nghĩa là chọn, khi thêm giới từ up vào sau pick thì phrasal verb pick up tùy vào hoàn cảnh sẽ mang nghĩa khác nhau:

  • The weather is picking up lately, isn’t it? (pick up chỉ sự cải thiện, trở nên tốt hơn của thời tiết)
  • Can you pick up Jenny after football practice? (pick up mang nghĩa là đi đón ai đó)
  • James picked up Spanish really quickly. (pick up mang nghĩa tiếp thu kiến thức)

2. Tổng hợp 800 phrasal verb thông dụng nhất

Phrasal verbÝ nghĩaPhrasal verbÝ nghĩa
act upbehave or function improperlyhear fromreceive news from (a letter, an e-mail)
add upcalculate a sumhear ofknow about something or somebody
add up toequal an amounthit onfind on accident
add upmake sensehit onflirt with
ask outinvite on a datehold backrestrain
ask overinvite to one’s homehold backnot allow to advance in school
back upmove backwards, reversehold offrestrain
bawl outcriticize, reprimand (inf.)hold offdelay
bear down onbitehold ongrasp tightly
bear down ontake strong measures againsthold ontell someone to wait on the telephone
bear onhave to do withhold on tograsp tightly
bear upwithstandhold outnot give in, continue to resist
bear up underwithstandhold out againstnot give in, resist
bear withbe patienthold updelay (a flight, traffic);
blow invisit unexpectedly (inf.)hold uprob (a bank, a person) with a weapon
blow overpass without creating a problemhook upmake the electrical connections required for a machine or information service
blow upmake explode;destroy using explosivesjack upto raise
blow upexplodejoke aroundto be humorous
blow upsuddenly become very angryjump inenter a conversation
break downanalyze in detailjump tomake a quick, poorly thought out decision
break downstop working properlykeep aroundhave handy, have accessible
break downbecome mentally illkeep atnot give up (an activity), to persevere
break inwear or use something new until it is comfortablekeep awayprevent access to, hold back
break ininterruptkeep backmaintain a safe distance, cause to maintain a safe distance
break inenter a place unlawfullykeep downnot vomit, not throw up, keep in one’s stomach
break in oninterrupt (a conversation)keep inkeep in a particular place, have something in a specific location
break intoenter a house unlawfullykeep offprevent from stepping or climbing on to something
break intointerrupt (a conversation)keep oncontinue
break offend somethingkeep outprevent from entering
break outappear violentlykeep overcover something with, put something above
break outuse something extravagant for celebrationkeep tocontinue, persist in (an activity)
break out ofescapekeep upstay on the required schedule
break upbreak into pieceskeep upcontinue
break updisperse (a crowd), stop (a fight)keep up withstay on schedule with (a person, the workload, homework)
break upend a relationshipkick backsit or lie back (to relax)
bring aboutcause to happenkick inbegin taking effect
bring alongbring withlay awaysave for the future
bring * aroundchange someone’s mind, convince someonelay downestablish (laws, rules)
bring awaylearn or gain (from an experience)lay in onscold or criticize severely
bring offsucceed at something difficult or unexpectedlay into +scold or criticize severely
bring oncause somethinglay offsuspend someone from a job (during a slow period)
bring outhighlight, stresslay outarrange
bring overbring to someone’s houseleave outnot include, omit
bring torevive consciousnesslet downdisappoint
bring upmentionlet downlengthen (pants in sewing)
bring upraise ( a child)let outrelease
brush ofignore something or someone (inf.)let outmake bigger (in sewing)
burn downdestroy by setting fire tolet upweaken in intensity
burn downburn until completely gone (building)lie downrest, recline
burn upbe hotlie down onrest, recline ( on a couch, bed)
burn upconsume by firelie withbe decided by
burn updestroy by firelight upilluminate
buy outbuy the shares of a company or the shares the other person owns of a businesslight upto smoke
buy uppurchase the entire supply of somethinglive  downlive in a way that a shameful or embarrassing event is forgotten
call forrequire (as in a recipe)live onsurvive from
call offcancel somethinglive up tokeep a standard
call offorder to stop (an invasion, guard dogs)look aftertake care of (a child, a house, a pet)
call onvisitlook back onto remember nostalgically
call on +invite someone to speak in a meeting or a classroomlook down onsee as inferior
call uptelephonelook forto seek or search for
calm downmake someone relaxlook forward toanticipate with pleasure
care fornurse someone or somethinglook intoinvestigate
care forlike someone or somethinglook onobserve as a spectator
carry oncontinue (a conversation, a game)look outbe careful, pay attention, heed a certain danger
carry on aboutcontinue in an annoying waylook overexamine, review
carry on withcontinuelook upsearch for (in a dictionary)
carry outcomplete and/or accomplish somethinglook uplocate and visit
carry overcontinue on a subsequent day, page, etc.look up torespect, admire someone
catch onslowly start to understand (inf.)make outdecipher
catch upmake up for lost timemake outwrite a check or other document
catch up withspeed up to be at the same place as a person or thing in front of youmake outsucceed
catch up onbecome up-to-datemake outprogress
check backreturn to see if everything is OKmake outkiss passionately
check bygo to a place to see if everything is OKmake out withkiss someone passionately
check fortry to findmake overdo again
check-inenter a hospital, hotel etc.make upinvent ( a story)
check intoenter a hospital, hotel etc.make upcomplete what was missed
check intoinvestigate, look for (often through a service)make upput on cosmetics
check offmake a mark next to (an item on a list)make upreconcile
check onmake sure something is OKmake up forcompensate for
check outinvestigate, take a look atmix upconfuse
check outleave a hotel, hospitalmix upblend
check out ofleave a hotel, hospitalmix upmake lively (a party)
check overclosely examine the condition of somethingname aftername a child using another family member’s name
check up oninvestigate someone or somethingnod offfall asleep
check throughsend luggage through (to a destination)nose aroundsneak around
check withask a person for confirmationoccur topop into one’s mind, come to one’s mind
cheer upmake someone feel cheerfulopen upshare feelings
cheer upbecome cheerfulout to verbtry to
chew upchew into small piecespan outbe successful, turn out well
chop downfell/cut ( a tree)pass awaydie
chop upchop/cut into small bitspass offtry to convince someone that something is real
clean uptidypass ontransmit
clear outleave ( inf.)pass onnot accept (an invitation to eat or do something)
clear uptidypass ondie
close downclose a place permanentlypass outdistribute
close downclose permanentlypass outbecome unconscious
close in onapproach and threatenpass upnot take advantage (of an opportunity)
close upclose temporarilypay backrepay
close upclose temporarilypay offcomplete payment on a debt
come aboutoccur/happenpay offto bribe
come acrossdiscover by accidentpick onto tease, bully
come acrossinitially seem or have the appearancepick outchoose
come alongaccompany someonepick upto lift an object with the hands
come along withaccompanypick upcome and get someone in a car
come alongprogresspick uplearn something without effort
come along withprogresspick uptry to initiate a relationship with someone (often in a bar)
come awayleave a place with a particular feeling or impressionpick upgrow, increase (inf.)
come backreturnplay downmake less important (inf.)
come byget, receiveplay uphighlight something (inf.)
come byvisit a person at their houseplay up toflatter someone for your personal advantage
come down withbecome sick withpoint outindicate
come intoinheritpull downearn
come offfall off, break offpull inpark (a vehicle)
come outappearpull outdepart (a vehicle)
come outreveal you are homosexualpull throughbarely survive
come outturn out, end upput acrosscommunicate (an idea or suggestion) clearly so that it is understood
come out withproduce and distribute a productput awayreturn to the proper place of storage
come overvisit someone at their houseput downinsult, say bad things about
come toregain consciousnessput inofficially submit a request (in the armed forces or public services)
come throughdo what is needed or expectedput offpostpone
come up toapproach; to equalput onwear
come up withproduce or create (an idea, a plan)put ondeceive
come withinclude (an accessory)put outextinguish (a fire)
count inincludeput outinconvenience someone
count ondepend/rely onput outspend (usually used with unreasonably large sums of money)
count * out +excludeput uphave a guest stay in your house for a short time
count upaddput up withtolerate
crack down onbecome tougher on, better enforce laws onquiet downbe quiet, or cause to be quiet
crack uplaugh uncontrollably, laugh a lotread up onresearch a topic for a reason
crack up atlaugh uncontrollably about, laugh a lot aboutring uptelephone
cross outdraw a line through something, eliminaterule outeliminate
cut downdecrease the amount ofrun acrossfind or meet unexpectedly
cut down ondecrease the amount ofrun againstcompete in an election
cut ininterruptrun awayleave home permanently before you are a legal adult
cut in oninterruptrun away fromescape from
cut offinterrupt someone while they were speakingrun downTrace
cut offsever ( with a knife)run downcriticize
cut outremoverun downhit with a car
cut outstop an actionrun downloose power, be very tired
cut upcut into small piecesrun forcampaign for a government position
die awaydiminish in intensityrun intomeet unexpectedly
die downdiminish in intensityrun offmake leave
die off/outbecome extinctrun offreproduce (photocopies)
disagree withcause to feel sick due to food or drinkrun offleave quickly
do away withabolishrun offWaste water
run out ofnot have any more of something
do overrepeatsave upaccumulate (money)
do withoutmanage without something one wants or needssee aboutArrange or consider something
draw upcreate ( a contract)see offsay good-bye to someone at the beginning of their trip (at the airport, train station)
dress downreprimand severelysee tomake sure something happens, arrange
dress downdress casuallysee throughfinish something despite difficulties
dress updecoratesell outtell on someone
dress upwear elegant clothesset upArrange a relationship
drive backrepulseset upfalsely incriminate a person
drop invisit someone unexpectedlyset uparrange (an appointment, a meeting,etc.)
drop in onvisit someone unexpectedlysettle onmake a decision after a period of time
drop outquit an organized activitysettle uppay one’s debts
drop out ofquit an organized activity (school)show offshow to everybody with a lot of pride
drop overvisit someone casuallyshow offboast, draw attention to oneself
eat awaygradually destroy, erodeshow upmake someone seem inferior
eat updevourshow uparrive without previous notice
eat ineat inside the homeshut offstop from functioning
eat outeat outside the homeshut upmake quiet
face up to +acknowledge something difficult or embarrassingslow downmake move more slowly
fall back onbe able to use in case of emergencyslow upmake move more slowly
fall behindgo slower than scheduled, lagspell outto explain something in a detailed way so that the meaning is clearly understood
fall behind ingo slower than scheduled, lagstand bywait
fall offdecreasestand forrepresent
fall out withhave an argument withstand forTolerate
fall throughfail to happenstand outbe very noticeable
feel upgropestand upnot arrive to a date or an appointment (inf.)
feel up tohave the energy to do somethingstand up fordefend (something one believes in)
figure onexpectstand up todefend oneself against someone or something
figure outsolve something, understandstay overspend the night at a person’s house
figure upcalculatestick it toSeverely criticize a person (inf.)
fill in +completestick topersevere, keep trying
fill insubstitutestick up fordefend oneself or opinions
fill in forsubstitute fortake afterresemble a parent or relative
fill outcomplete (an application)take awayremove, seize or capture
fill outmature, get breaststake backretract something you said
fill upfill to the toptake backreturn an item to a store
find outdiscovertake downwrite down what is said
find outdiscovertake downremove (from a high place)
fix uprepair, renovate, remodeltake forconsider, view as
get acrosscause to be understoodtake inlearning
get aheadmake progresstake indeceive a person
get ahead of +surpasstake inMake smaller when sewing
get alonghave a good relationshiptake offwhen a plane or rocket leaves the ground
get along withhave a good relationshiptake offremove
take offleave work or school for a period of time
get aroundavoid someone or somethingtake offLeave
get aroundgo many placestake onaccept (responsibilities, work)
get awayescapetake overtake control of
get away withdo something against the rules or illegal and not get caught or punishedtake overtake control of
get bysurvive without having the things you need or wanttake outaccompany a person on a date (for dinner, the movies)
get by onsurvive with minimal resourcestake upBegin a new hobby
get by withmanage withtake updiscuss (at a later date)
get down toget serious about a topictake upshorten a garment when sewing
get inenter ( a car, a small boat)take upoccupy space
get inentertalk backrespond in an impolite way to an
get offsend (a package)talk back torespond in an impolite way to an adult
get offremove ( a spider from your shirt)talk overdiscuss
get offleave (a bus, plane, train, boat)tear downdestroy
get offleavetear uptear or rip into small pieces
get offidiomatic phrase – How does he justify saying that?!tell offcriticize a person severely, reprimand (inf.)
get onput on (clothes)tell onreport a crime to the police or bad behavior to a parent
get onenter (a bus, train), mount (a horse, a bike)think overconsider
get onenter (a bus, train), mount ( a horse, a bike)think throughconsider carefully
get onhave a good relationshipthink upcreate or invent a false story
get on withhave a good relationshipthrow awaydiscard
get on withcontinue an activitythrow outdiscard
get out ofexit (a small boat, car, an enclosed area)throw outremove by force from (a room, school, a house, etc.)
get overrecover (a cold, a disease, an ex-throw upVomit
boyfriend/ex-girlfriend)tie uptie securely
get throughcompletetire outcause someone to be very tired
get throughpenetratetouch ontalk about for a short time
get throughpenetratetouch upMake the final improvements
get through (with)finishtry onput on to make sure a piece of clothing fits
get through tomake contacttry outTest
get upcause someone to rise (from a sitting position or a lying position)turn awayrefuse to deal with or give service
get uprise (from sitting position or a bed)turn aroundchange or reverse direction
give awaygive something without asking for anything in exchangeturn downrefuse an offer; reject an application
give awaybetray (a secret)turn downlower the volume or intensity of a TV, radio, or other machine
give backreturn something you borrowedturn insubmit
give instop tryingturn ingo to bed (inf.)
give off +release (a smell, light)turn intobecome something different, transform
give outdistributeturn offstop the function of (a stove, a water faucet, a car, etc.)
give outbecome very tired (inf.)turn onattack unexpectedly
give upsurrender somethingturn oncause to be excited sexually
give upsurrenderturn onstart the function of a TV, a radio, a machine
go awayleaveturn outproduce
go backreturnturn outswitch off a light
go bygo past, go close to, visit quicklyturn outaudience members to a function
go back onnot keep (one’s word, a promise)turn outend up being
go downdecreaseturn overgive to authorities (said of evidence or stolen / lost property)
go fortry to achieveturn upincrease the volume or intensity of a TV, radio, or other machine
go foridiomatic phrase – I am craving pepperoni pizza.turn upfind unexpectedly
go in forparticipate ( inf.)use upuse all of something
go intodiscuss in detailveer away fromstay away from, avoid
go offexplodewait onserve, service (a table)
go offbegin, start (used with signals, alarms, warning sounds)wait upnot sleep because you are waiting for something or someone
go offstop (said of a machine)wait up fornot sleep because you are waiting for someone or something
go offbecome angrywake upAwaken someone
go oncontinuewake upAwaken
go onhappenwash upclean oneself
go on withcontinue ( a plan, a conversation)wash upClean
go outstop burning ( a fire)watch outbe careful
go outtake part in social activities (usually at night)watch out forbe careful of
go overreviewwear offdisappear after a period of time
go overbe well received, succeedwear outuse until something is not useable anymore
go throughexamine in detail, study carefullywear outcause to be very tired
go throughendure; experience challenges, difficulties or traumaswind upfinish (inf.)
go through withcontinue or proceed despite difficulties or fearswind uptighten the spring of a watch or similar machine
go withmatch (clothing)wind upcause an animal or a child to behave wildly
go withaccompany a personwipe outmassacre or destroy
go withhave a boyfriend/girlfriendwipe outcause to be very tired
go withoutabstain from something you want or needwork outSolve
grow undergo out of businesswork outexercise
grow upmaturework outbe successful
hand backreturnwrite downRecord
hand downpronounce formallywrite outwrite down every word or letter
hand downgive as an inheritancewrite upPrepare a report
hand insubmityak onto continue talking in an annoying way (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hand outdistributeyak on aboutto continue talking in an annoying way about something (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hand overrelinquish control ofyammer onto talk in an annoying way or complain (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hang aroundstay in a place for fun ( inf.)yammer on aboutto talk in an annoying way about something or complain about (“on” can be repeated for emphasis)
hang aroundstay in a place for funzero in on +discover, pinpoint
hang upsuspend (clothes on a hanger)zip aroundmove quickly from place to place
hang upput down the telephone receiverzone outstop paying attention
hang outstay in a place for fun (inf.)zonk outfall asleep
hang outstay in a place for funzoom inFocus
have onwearzoom in onfocus on something, pinpoint
have overinvite guests to your home

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