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Bài tập sắp xếp câu tiếng Anh lớp 6 có đáp án

Bài tập sắp xếp câu tiếng Anh lớp 6 có đáp án

Bạn đang muốn tìm kiếm các bài tập tiếng Anh để thử sức? Bạn muốn ôn luyện các kĩ năng của bản thân? Tham khảo qua bộ bài tập sắp xếp câu tiếng anh lớp 6 sau đây để củng cố kiến thức Anh ngữ của mình nhé.

Tổng hợp các bài tập sắp xếp trật tự từ trong câu tiếng Anh lớp 6

Bài tập 1: Reorder the words and write the meaning sentences.

1. city / beautiful / a / Ho Chi Minh / is.
2. green fields / are/ there.
3. dog / it’s / friendly / a.
4. student / Minh / new / a/ is.
5. television / a / big / there’s.
6. new / four / cars / there / are.
7. are / two / there / pizzas / big.
8. ten / are / small / desks / there.

Bài tập 2: Use the given words to make complete sentences.

1. house/ a/ Minh/ lives/ in/ lake/ a/ near.
2. yard/ front/ school/There/ is/ our/ big/ of/ in/ a.
3. many/ right/ the/ Are/ flowers/ the/ museum/ there/ to/ of/?
4. next/ What/ store/ photocopy/ there/ the/ is/ to /?
5. hospital/ the/ city/ 2yiy/ a/ father/ in/ works/ in.
6. there/ family/ are/ How/ many/ in/ Linh’s/ people/ ?
7. his/ friend/ in/ My/ Hanoi/ family/ doesn’t/ with/ live.
8. brushes/six/Hoa/at/gets/her/o’clock/up/teeth/and.
9. on/classroom/ floor/ the/ is/ Our/ first.
10. Minh’s/ six/ There/ in/house/ rooms/ are.

Bài tập 3: Rearrange the sentences.

1. house/ is/ the market/ from/ how/ far/ to/ it/ Trang’s?
2. lives/ street/ he/ Hoang Quoc Viet /his / grandparents/ on/ with.
3. many /old / my/have/ students/ doesn’t/ class.
4. Mrs/ the boy/ Quyen/ talking/ to/ who/ is?
5. new / school/ Hoa’s/ small/ is.
6. goes/ bus/ work/ Mr./ every/ Hoang/ day/ to/by.
7. new/ from/ his/ how/ different/ one/ is/ house/ Minh’s/ old?
8. because/ she/ Mrs.Diep /children/ is/ misses/ unhappy/ her.

Bài tập 4: Reorder the words.

1. you/ play/ the/ can/ violin/?
2. draw/ can’t/ they/ well.
3. play/ I/ can/basketball.
4. we/ can/ house/ to/ come/ your/?
5. she/ sleep/ can’t.
6. you/ cook/ can/?
7. watch/ can/ television/ I/ ?/

Bài tập 5: Put the words in order to make a sentence.

1. secondary/ school/ is/ how/ first/ your/ at/ week?
2. lessons/ many/ how/ you/ do/ have/ on/ Friday?
3. art/ creative/ are/ the/ some/ doing/ in/ drawings/ students/ club
4. school/ at/ have/ classes/ English/ we/ don’t/ today
5. homework/ maths/ are/ you/ doing/ your?
6. children/ first/ school/ excited/ on/ most/ are/ day/ of/ the

Bài tập 6: Rearrange these words to make the right sentences.

1. might/ We/ future/ the/ in/ with / live/ robots/ the/.
2. never/ have/ before/ I /eaten/ crabs/.
3. are/ There/ 28 days/ February/ in/ .
4. die/ fish/ makes/Water pollution/.
5. the future/ live/ in/ on/ people /might/ the moon/.
6. There/ the/ will / future/ be/ helpful doctor robots / take care of/ patients/to/ in/.
7. we/ if/ our/ be/ greener/ more/ trees/ plant/ environment/ will.
8. will / My / the/ house/ be / dream/ mountain / in/.

Bài tập 7: Put the words in the correct order.

1. my/ I/ doing/ homework/ am.
2. to/ cinema./ They/ go/ usually/ the.
3. my grandpa’s/ These/ glasses/ are.
4. black/ sister/ long/ has/ My/ hair.
5. a / live / in/ We/ large/ house/ country/ the/ in.
6. puppy/ under/ Jane’s/ table/ sleeping/ is/ the.
7. favourite subject./ English/ Ha’s/ is.
8. are taking/ We/ today./ our English test.
9. works/ factory/ in a big/ My father/ Vinh Long/ in.
10. four members/ her family. / There are/ in.

Bài tập 8: Rearrange the words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.

1. an/ village/ go/ pagoda/ old/ my/ has.
2. railway-station/ not/ that/ town/ small/ a/ has/ got.
3. one/ only/ have/ car/ Mr. and Mrs. Brown/ got.
4. building/new/ has got/ school/ my/ a.
5. many/ got/ lakes/ that/ city/ has/ beautiful.

Bài tập 9: Reorder the words to make meaningful sentences.

1. by/ future apartment/ will be/ the sea/ my
2. not/ the future car/electricity/ might/ run/ on.
3. by/ UFO house/ will/ be surrounded/ lots of trees/ his.
4. in/ live/ might/ houses/ people in the city/ under the ground.
5. everywhere/ travel/ a/ in/ you/ will/ motorhome?
6. houseboat/ will/ on/ we/ the lake/ have/ a.
7. a/1/ wireless TV/ for/ buy/ programmes from space/ might.
8. be/ big trees and flowers/ my garden/ there/ in/ will.

Bài tập sắp xếp câu tiếng anh 6 có đáp án
Bài tập sắp xếp câu tiếng anh 6 có đáp án

Đáp án:

Bài tập 1:

1. Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful city.
2. There are green fields.
3. It’s a friendly dog.
4. Minh is a new student.
5. There’s a big television.
6. There are four new cars.
7. There are two big pizzas.
8. There are ten small desks.

Bài tập 2:

1. Minh lives in a house near a lake.
2. There is a big yard in front of our school.
3. Are there many flowers to the right of the museum?
4. What is there next to the photocopy store?
5. My father works in a hospital in the city.
6. How many people are there in Linh’s family?
7. My friend doesn’t live with his family in Ha Noi.
8. Hoa gets up at six o’clock and brushes her teeth.
9. Our classroom is on the first floor.
10. There are six rooms in Minh’s house.

Bài tập 3

1. How far is it from Trang’s house to the market?
2. He lives with his grandparents on Hoang Quoc Viet street.
3. My class doesn’t have many old students.
4. Who is the boy talking to Mrs.Quyen?
5. Hoa’s new school is small.
6. Mr. Hoang goes to work by bus every day.
7. How is Minh’s new house different from his old one?
8. Mrs. Diep is unhappy because she misses her children.

Bài tập 4

1. Can you play the violin?
2. They can’t draw well.
3. I can play basketball.
4. Can we come to your house?
5. She can’t sleep.
6. Can you cook?
7. Can I watch television?

Bài tập 5
1. How is your first week at secondary school?
2. How many lessons do you have on Friday?
3. Some creative students are doing drawings in the art club.
4. We don’t have English classes at school today.
5. Are you doing your maths homework?
6. Most children are excited on the first day of school.

Bài tập 6

1. We might live with the robots in the future
2. I have never eaten crabs before
3. There are 28 days in February
4. Water pollution make fish die
5. People might live on the moon in the future
6. There will be helpful doctor robots in the future to take care of patients
7. If we plant more trees, our environment will be greener
8. My dream house will be in the mountain

Bài tập 7

1. I am doing my homework.
2. They usually go to the cinema.
3. These are my grandpa’s glasses.
4. My sister has long black sister.
5. We live in a large house in the country.
6. Jane’s puppy is sleeping under the table.
7. English is Ha’s favorite subject.
8. We are taking our English test today.
9. My father works in a big factory in Vinh Long.
10. There are four members in her family.

Bài tập 8

1. My village has an old pagoda.
2. That small town has not got a railway-station.
3. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have got only one car
4. My school has got a new building.
5. That city has got many beautiful lakes

Bài tập 9

1. My future apartment will be by the sea
2. The future car might not run on electricity.
3. His UFO house will be surrounded by lots of trees.
4. People in the city might live in houses under the ground.
5. Will you travel everywhere in a motorhome?
6. We will have a houseboat on the lake.
7. I might buy a wireless TV for programmes from space
8. There will be big trees and flowers in my garden

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